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09/04/2019: Beltane celebrations always go better with a glass of West Croft Cider

The feast of Beltane is a Celtic tradition and a quarter day festival. People celebrate the return of summer with a feast that begins on the eve of May 1st. Fire is central to the celebration, being a purifier and cleanser. All over the country, Beltane bonfires will be lit, which people can walk or dance around, or even jump over to celebrate the fertility of the earth and themselves.

In history, farmers would often walk their cattle between fires to purify them before putting them out to pasture after a winter of confinement in stalls and sheds. Every hearth fire in the community would be extinguished and a newly laid fire lit, from which all the others would be re-lit, thus sharing the blessing among all households.

Coincidentally, the old Andrews Sisters song "Apple Blossom Time" referred to a May Day wedding. With the trees in full bloom, the time for creating the apples to go into this season's cider has well and truly begun.

What better way to celebrate the return of summer and fruitfulness to the earth than with a glorious glass of West Croft Cider, while being warmed by the glow of your Beltane Fire? All the favourite varieties are available online from our shop, so it is easy to make sure you have enough to go round. If you are planning nuptial bliss, go ahead and jump over the fire while you are at it. Share the joy!

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