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13/02/2019: Stocks of Single Variety Ciders are Running Low

The single variety ciders have proved highly popular this year. Sorry to say that the Morgan Sweet has all gone now. We have also sold out of the ever-popular mulled cider.

The good news is that there is still a limited quantity of Kingston Black available from our online shop. You'll need to be quick though, so if you fancy some of this delicious, slightly dry variety, get ordering.

Also the regular favourites, like Janet's Jungle Juice, and the Farmhouse varieties of dry, sweedium and sweet are still in good supply.

So, for a supply of liquid sunshine to help ward off the gloom of February chills, visit our online shop and stock up.

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08/01/2019: The Wassail Tree is Dead! Long LIve the Wassail Tree

The tree that has been wassailed in the annual West Croft Farm Wassail has died. It was a Morgan Sweet variety, that was planted by John Harris' grandfather in 1918. In that time it has provided countless apples that have gone to make our cider, and has received the good wishes of thousands of wassailers over the years. We are truly grateful to this tree.

For this year's Wassail and for the future, another tree from the same planting has been selected. This was the only Morgan Sweet in the orchard that didn't fruit this year, so we hope for a good response from all who join us for the Wassail to offer encouragement and good wishes for the 2019 season.

If you haven't got any tickets yet, the Wassail is only 11 days away, so get on the phone to John and make sure of yours. Numbers are strictly limited so get in now and look forward to a great night of cider, wassailing, cider, traditional entertainment like mummers' plays, cider, belly dancing, food, cider and a little more cider for good measure.

Stop press:

There is now a limited amount of Kingstone Black single variety cider that will be available at the Wassail and through our online shop.

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19/12/2018: Ladies and Gentlemen, your last orders please!

There is just one more courier collection from the farm before Christmas. That will be on Friday morning, the 21st, so if you are thinking about some delicious West Croft cider for your festivities, the time has come to stop thinking and act!

There is still a limited quantity of Morgan Sweet single variety cider in stock, likewise mulled cider. The regular favourites of Dry, Janet's Jungle Juice, Sweedium and Sweet are there aplenty in 5, 10 and 20 litre bag in box packs.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas!

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10/12/2018: Winter at West Croft

When the Winter Soltice approaches there are a few things that you can be sure of down here on West Croft Cider Farm. Firstly, that pressing of apples is nearly done for the year. Right now, the last of the Kingston Blacks are falling and then that will be the apple harvest complete.

There are still some supplies of the single variety Morgan Sweet up for grabs, but the last barrel has now been broached, so if you fancy some of this delicious cider, then early ordering is advisable. With the festive season rapidly approaching, it is also a good idea to place orders to make sure of a supply of West Croft Cider over Christmas. Last orders from our online shop is December 18th, for shipping on the 19th. Your delivery should arrive by the 20th, so will settle nicely for Christmas.

The chill in the air also tells us that the eagerly awaited annual Wassail at West Croft Farm is near. There are limited numbers of revellers each year, treated to a great night of music, traditional entertainments, cider and belly dancin. Wassail tickets are ring and reserve, call 01278 760762 to make sure of yours.

While we are in party mode, there is still West Croft Mulled Cider available in the online shop. Be quick before supply of this seasonal treat dried up for the year.

Wishing you all a fabulously healthy, happy and cider fuelled Yule. The wheel turns and we look forward to filling the Wassail cup for all our friends.

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01/12/2018: Glastonbury Frost Fair 2018

Despite the best efforts of the weather to dampen spirits at the Glastonbury Frost Fair this year, a splendid time was still had by all. The hoped for frost was replaced by nasty penetrating drizzle for most of the day, but were we downhearted? No! We were not.

Among the weapons in our arsenal used to fight back against the conditions were an indomitable British spirit (of course), helped by brandy coffees, delicious hot chocolate and West Croft mulled cider, which was proclaimed as the best available by no less a person than the Town Crier himself.

There was music and dance to fend off the cold with a wide variety of styles being played live throughout the town. It was great to see so many hardy souls braving the conditions to start their Christmas spirit off in enthusiastic fashion. Friends, both old and new visited us for cider and conversation, so the day passed quickly as always. With products from the Branching Out range, including clocks, furniture, mirrors and fridge magnets getting a lot of attention, we can't wait to do it all again next year.

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Additional Images
08/11/2018: The Journey of Morgan Sweet

Here are some images of the progress of our Morgan Sweet apples from fallen fruit to finished cider. This is the only single variety cider that we produce here at West Croft Farm. It has a light, delicate, slightly sweet flavour and is only available in limited quantities through our online shop.

The pictures so far show the fruit as collected from our own orchards, then being traditionally pressed through mats, and then the fermentation taking place in oak sherry and whisky casks. More will be added as they are taken, so look back to follow the journey of Morgan Sweet from orchard to glass.

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Additional Images
03/10/2018: Brean Open Air Market

The season at Brean open air market is coming to an end. November the 4th will be our last opportunity to meet cider enthusiasts there and supply them with Janet's Jungle Juice and the full range of West Croft Traditional Farmhouse ciders.

All is not lost though, you can still buy all these hand-crafted products online. Even better news is that the dark days of winter can be brightened with West Croft Mulled cider, available in 5 litre (approximately 8.7 pints) containers. Based on Janet's Jungle Juice, the mulled cider contains honey, our own secret blend of spices and a generous jolt of gin.

The new season at Brean open air market starts the weekend before Easter next year, so we will look forward to welcoming customers new and old, sending them on their merry way with fresh supplies of Janet's Jungle Juice as well as the Farmhouse Dry, Sweet and Sweedium farmhouse ciders.

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Additional Images
18/09/2018: West Croft Mulled Cider, Perfect for Christmas

West Croft Cider's annual batch of mulled cider will be ready to ship in early December. Production is very limited, so sales will be on a first-come, first served basis.

Originally produced purely for the Wassail ceremony held at the farm each year, it is based on Janet's Jungle Juice, with our own top-secret blend of spices and a generous jolt of gin. All you need for a warming winter cup is a flagon of West Croft mulled cider, a large pan, lots of friends and a source of heat.

Delivered to your door in 5 litre multiples, this product is sure to sell out fast, so click the more information link below to send us an email and we will let you know as soon as the batch is ready to ship.

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